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Inside Reality Software being used by Earth Scientists in the VIPL

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As we move through the 21st century, computational modelling and simulation will become increasingly indispensable as a tool for all kinds of research. This will include not only those disciplines that have traditionally utilised these methods, such as those analysing our changing climate, predicting trends in economics and modelling biological systems, but also disciplines that have not so far taken full advantage of the opportunities offered by high end computing.

IT Services for Research can and should play a pivotal role in enabling such research by helping to coordinate and support active communities of users, by providing a pool of expertise to support the most effective use of current and emerging tools (to crunch, visualize and manage data), and by reaching out to potential new communities of users to enable a step change in their research.

We have the potential to help realise Manchester's aspirations to be a centre for world-class research through the provision of world-class research computing facilities, services and expertise. Find out more