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Dr Martin J. Turner

Relationship Manager, Supporting Research IT

Martin Turner Right Knee MRI

IT Services, Room J1
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"When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong." Arthur C. Clarke (1918-2008)

"A fool ... is a man who has never tried an experiment in his life" Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802)


Dr Martin Turner is currently seconded as the Visualisation Director for the Harwell Imaging Partnership (HIP) as well as Group Leader for Visualisation within the SCD (Scientific Computing Division) at STFC. He initially gained his PhD in the Computer Laboratory, at Cambridge University, on Image Coding and now research interests cover a broad background, specialising in many Visualization Themes, Computer Graphics and Mathematical topics associated with image and signal creation, analysis, processing and presentation. Teaching has covered all academic levels from undergraduate to postgraduate as well as within external courses, involving the RAF and British Gas. Currently a Research Relationship Manager, he has been a Specialist Team Leader within Research Computing Services and is also an Honorary Lecturer within the School of Computer Sciences at The University of Manchester.

Research in these fields has resulted in a short-term Fellowship with British Telecom, a published book Fractal Geometry in Digital Imaging by Academic Press as well as over 100 other publications, and he has supervised or co-supervised to completion sixteen successful MPhil/PhD students. Key activities and grants cover both local and nationally funded high-end visualization services as well as commercial contracts.

He is a member of the BCS, IEEE, IMA (CMath MIMA CSci), EG and an Executive Member and Treasurer of the Eurographics UK Chapter, as well as one of the founding members of the Manchester ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter.

Focused Funded Projects

Involved with a series of visualization and video projects through various funding agencies. A key component is to create a longitudinal research support system, coordinated around

This is through multiple projects integrating with real user needs. A few example listed here:

And a fun slow blog for Computational Photography and the Visualisation Matters.

Books and Proceedings

Academic Books

Geographic Visualization: Concepts, Tools and Applications by Martin Dodge, Mary McDerby, Martin Turner (Eds) Wiley/Blackwell Pub. 2008


This volume of edited chapters was produced with support from many national and international contributors, as well as organisational and funding bodies including; NCeSS, vizNET, JISC, CCSR, ESRC, University of Nottingham, UCL – Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and the University of Manchester. Review from the International Journal of Geographical Information Science.

Fractal Geometry in Digital Imaging by Martin Turner, Jonathan Blackledge and Patrick Andrews, Academic Press 1998


This book presents the analysis of textured images using fractal geometry, and discusses its application to imaging science and computer vision when modeling natural objects. The authors explore the methods which can be used to simulate, analyze, and interpret coherent images, and demonstrate a new approach which segments each image into regions of similarity that can be characterized by a random fractal with a given fractal dimension. Until relatively recently (i.e. the last 200 years), nearly all concepts of geometry - once a cornerstone of mathematics - were based on Greek geometry,...

Book Chapters

Paradata and Transparency in Virtual Heritage (Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities) by Anna Bentkowska-Kafel, Hugh Denard and Drew Baker (1 Feb 2012)


Martin Turner Lies, damn lies and visualization: Will Metadata and Paradata be a Solution or a Curse? book chapter 12 in Paradata. Intellectual Transparency in Historical Visualization A volume of essays for the AHRC ICT Methods Network series, Digital Arts and Humanities, Ashgate Publishers.

Research in a Connected World, Eds Alex Voss, Elizabeth Vander Meer, David Freeman (Dec 2009)


Martin Turner Visualization Matters Module Chapter in Research in a Connected World, Eds Alex Voss, Elizabeth Vander Meer, David Freeman (ebook http://cnx.org/content/col10677/1.12), December 2009.

Conference Proceedings

Image Processing III: Mathematical Methods, Algorithms and Applications by Jonathan Blackledge and Martin Turner (Eds) Horwood Publishing Ltd (1 Jan 2002)


"This economically priced book focuses on the best practices in hardware, software and advanced imaging systems. Industrial and scientific applications cover digital communications, remote sensing, astro-physics, computer science, pattern recognition, medical technology, telecommunication, virtual reality, fingerprint identification and cinematography. Here is an account of world research recording the IMA conference Image Processing III held in 2000 at De Montfort University, Leicester on behalf of The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, co-sponsored by The Institute of Physics and The Institute of Electrical Engineers. Authorities from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Georgia, South Africa, Singapore, USA and Australia Economically priced, this important and authoritative resource book for research and study cites over 360 references to the literature, and is copiously illustrated with some 340 photographs and diagrams."

Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Methods, Algorithms, Applications (Horwood Mathematics and Applications Series) by Jonathan Blackledge, Allan Evans and Martin Turner (Eds) Horwood Publishing Ltd (2002)


"International authorities from Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Russia and South Africa focus on up-to-date-research on fractal geometry and the best practices in software, theoretical mathematical algorithms, and analysis. They address the rich panoply of manifold applications of fractal geometry available for study and research in science and industry: i.e., remote sensing, mapping, texture creations, pattern recognition, image compression, aeromechanical systems, cryptography and financial analysis. Economically priced, this important and authoritative reference source for research and study cites over 230 references to the literature, copiously illustrated with over 320 diagrams and photographs. The book is published for The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, co-sponsored with The Institute of Physics and The Institution of Electrical Engineers."

Digital Image Processing: Mathematical Methods, Algorithms and Applications Jonathan Blackledge and Martin Turner (Eds) Horwood Publishing Ltd (1 Feb 2000)


"This work presents an up-to-date record of international research on image restoration on the interaction of image processing as it relates to mathematical modelling. It covers in great detail its reconstruction and restoration, image comprehension, fractals and wavelets, pattern recognition and image understanding. The level is appropriate for advanced study and advanced research for applied mathematicians, computer scientists, electrical and electro-mechanical engineers, and scientists working in IT, remote sensing, medical imaging, vision systems, spectroscopy, virtual reality, military technology, electro-optics, biochemistry and cartigraphy."

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