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Mike Jones

/!\ Mike Jones is now retired /!\

Former Senior Development Officer at University of Manchester


Dr Mike Jones has been a member of various research computing service departments at the University of Manchester since 2001. Initially responsible for providing grid computing support locally and to the UK's Supercomputing Service CSAR, and having managed the Grid Developments Team, he now supports computing research for the UK's Mimas services.

He specialises in identity management and grid security, having worked on various security and AAA (Authentication Authorisation and Accounting) projects, User-Friendly Security Solutions for Grid Environments [UF-security], E-infrastructure Security: authentication Levels of Assurance [ES-LoA], Shibboleth Enabled Bridge to Access the National Grid Service [SHEBANGS], Akenti Access to Zetoc [A2Z], Evaluation of the Community Authorisation Server [CAS-eval] and the e-Social Science demonstrator project Seamless Access to Multiple Datasets SAMD (where he developed a plug-in module to provide GSI support in a standard Apache Web server).

He also works closely with the UK eScience Certification Authority (CA) and manages the University of Manchester Registration Authority. He developed and delivered the security component of the Grid Support Centre's training course on the Globus Toolkit.

He has represented the North West eScience Centre [ESNW] on the UK Grid Engineering Task Force since 2001, helped form the Level 2 Grid and has been working with the National Grid Service [NGS] since its inception in 2004 where he is currently responsible for the deployment and operation of the Virtual Organisation Membership Service (VOMS) for the NGS. He is co-investigator on the Shibboleth Access to Resources on the National Grid Service [SARoNGS] a project which emerged from the successful SHEBANGS and ShibGrid projects of 2006/7. In early 2008 he joined the [NanoCMOS] project as Manchester's eScience co-investigator, a project which on the eScience side tackles demanding issues such as security, file distribution, metadata, and large scale computing.

He is actively involved in the national and global grid communities, participating in all UK eScience All Hands Meetings and regularly attending and contributing to the standards track within the Open Grid Forum OGF.

He is also interested in grid file systems and in 2005 he completed his PhD in grid computing within particle physics specialising on the use of AFS within such grids. He also worked on the GRENADE project bringing GridFTP into the KDE desktop.

Further Info

Mike Jones' Academic CV, last updated May 2008, can be found here.

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