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Research Computing

Research & Development

Image of Xray Machine

The Virtual Workbench

Image of the Virtual Workbench

Collaboration with the School of Materials to develop a virtual materials testing facility.

Case Studies

IT Services for Research has been helping various users on campus & is eager to hear from other researchers who would benefit from our expertise. See a flavour of what we have been doing in 2010

Research and Development

IT Services for Research undertakes R&D to enhance and support our services. Our R&D programme aims to assist researchers in the effective use of the latest developments in advanced computing technology and to provide a competitive edge over researchers in other institutions. Many of our externally-funded projects are looking into developing research ideas into production services.

Applying Our Knowledge

One of our key strengths is the ability to apply our expertise to new situations. This may be through the refactoring of parallel algorithms for molecular dynamics to use in the discrete element method or the application of visualization techniques developed for earthquakes in studies of the social consequences of monetary policy.

Collaborative Projects

Our services and R&D activities often stimulate new ideas for blue skies research. These are exploited through collaborative projects with Manchester’s research community.

Our R&D Mission

Research computing can help address research questions that without it are out of scope. We might already be developing a technology that can suit your needs. Our experts can advise you where to search for relevant information or we can collaborate in a new R&D programme.