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Finite element analysis of an open celled foam

ParaFEM - A General Parallel Finite Element Message Passing Library


ParaFEM is a freely available, portable library of subroutines for parallel finite element analysis. The subroutines are written in FORTRAN90/95 and use MPI for message passing. ParaFEM has been used for solving very large finite element problems in a range of disciplines including geotechnical engineering (tunnels, excavations and dams), nuclear engineering (pressure vessels, structural components), the auto/aerospace sectors and materials science (microstructural modelling of materials). As well as providing the source code, the developers undertake consultancy in order to help engineers solve challenging engineering problems that are beyond the limits of commercial engineering packages.

Latest News

ParaFEM is currently being migrated to Google Code where you will be able to checkout the source code online. If you wish to be informed when the 10 example programs from Smith and Griffiths have been cleaned up and submitted to the repository, please send Lee Margetts an email.

Last updated September 2010.

A list of projects that have used or currently use ParaFEM: