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A ViCoVRE Library for X-Ray CT users (ViCoX)


ViCoVRE (Video Conversion for Virtual Research Environments ) and ViCoX are funded by JISC within the third phase of the Virtual Research Environments (VRE). It is managed by Martin Turner and partnered with Paul Mummery.

ViCo-X is a follow-on project that proposes to take the ViCoVRE library and embed specific tools from the library into a shared Joomla! content management system (CMS) environment. This is for a new user group of Materials Science users based at the Diamond Light Source in Harwell, and the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility and the Laboratory both within the University of Manchester. Two tools within the ViCo library are to be embedded within a shared environment; connecting the sites, to create shared extreme-end remote scientific visualization across the multiple sites, with optional recordings. There is a planned evaluation study with expert computer graphics users. The timetable is planned for embedding during phase 2 of work at Diamond to coincide with the opening of a new experimental station for materials scientists, known as beamline I13L.

The core project web site is available at http://vicovre.googlecode.com/ and there is a VRE Phase 3 Projects wiki within RCS at http://wiki.rcs.manchester.ac.uk/community/vre3 and a blog at http://grace.rcs.manchester.ac.uk/vre3/

A simple time-flow project plan:


an intrductory presentation,

and an even simpler data-flow from the white-board: