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RACE proposes to build a digital repository service of collaborative research events such as seminars, conferences, workshops, and training and teaching events. This repository service will archive such sessions and allow for its content to be searched, browsed through and retrieved via existing and established repository search services. Recording events

RACE will build on the very promising software within the context of Collaborative Research Events on the Web (CREW), that is already capable of recording and annotating Access Grid (AG) events. Describing resources

RACE will be integrated with Intute to allow for the repository to be searched via the Intute Repository Search Service. To that end, AG events will need to be properly described in the repository. The project will add Simple Dublin Core metadata to the existing CREW metadata set, via recommendations to the CREW development team, and possibly additional semantic annotations specific to audiovisual content in the AG environment. Storing Resources

RACE will install a Digital Archival System for AG material and its associated metadata. A number of open source archival systems exist, so an initial evaluation will be carried out. Two systems, DSpace and DAITSS, have been shortlisted to be installed and evaluated in the first instance because of their support for many audiovisual formats, but other systems (e.g. GNU Eprints or Fedora) may also be considered.

Aims and Value

An AG repository will improve the value of AG collaborative sessions as these will have the potential to become lasting research materials including valuable metadata information. Students, academics and researchers will also benefit, as this new rich form of research material will be available to support their activities. Finally the AG community will grow and advance as a result.

With the funds ceasing for the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS), this new repository service will also aim to fulfill the needs for some of these kinds of data types.

Project Methodology

The development team will be responsible for evaluating different Digital Archival Systems, setting up the AG Repository service and integrating it with the AG recording software and with the Intute Repository Search Service.

Two pioneer user groups will be engaged throughout the lifetime of the project so that their needs and work practices constitute an important factor in the development plan. To that end, they will play an important role as evaluators and their recommendations will be regularly reviewed by a Steering Committee, headed by the Project Manager and including representatives of the development and the pioneer user groups.

The pioneer groups, both of which have been enthusiastic exploiters of early prototype AG recording systems, are:

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Project Manager; from March 2008

Martin J. Turner Tel: 0161 275 0613 Fax: 0161 275 6040

Project Team

Martin Turner (The University of Manchester)

Mary McDerby (The University of Manchester)

Javier Gomez Alonso (The University of Manchester)

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