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Research Computing

RACE User Evaluation Questionnaire

Part 1 Previous Knowledge

1. What Repository Software have you used (please tick one or more of the choices)?

  • None



    Fedora Commons


    Don't Know


2. For what purpose did you use the repository?

3. With regarding to repositories which of the following would you consider yourself to be:

  • Developer

    Experienced User

    Novice User


4. What Video Repositories have you used?

5. What Video Streaming Services have you used?

6. Have you used video searching before e.g., YouTube?

  • Yes


7. Have you used video semantic searching before?

  • Yes


8. What three search features do you use and recommend?

9. What three search features do you not-recommend?

Part 1 Review of Demonstrations

At this stage please see or recollect demonstrations for:

a) Playback of an annotated presentation via CREW

b) Playback of an e-Dance performance art piece. (No playbacks live now but blog at http://projects.kmi.open.ac.uk/e-dance/ )

10. Have you been to a virtual seminar/presentation?

  • Yes


10.5 What features would you want to use in future from that experience?

11. Have you been to a virtual e-Dance or similar performance?

  • Yes


11.5 What features would you want to use in future from that experience?

12. From the demonstration would you say the technology is easy to use?

  • Yes


13. Would you use what we have just shown you?

  • Yes


14. Would IPR/copyright issues affect your use of the product?

  • Yes


15. If the answer to question 14 is Yes – please expand?

16. What were the useful elements that you found in the demonstrations?

17. How would you like to search the video content?

18. If you had to use generic search terms; could you list five?

19. What do you think are the benefits of having Access Grid events searchable in the way the demonstrations have shown?

20. What would you like to see different?

21. Do you have any further comments?

Thank you very much for taking time to fill in this questionnaire.