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The RealityGrid Project and Platform Grant

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Research Computing Services has a major involvement in the e-Science pilot project RealityGrid, co-ordinating the development and deployment of the project's software infrastructure and leading developments in the areas of computational steering and visualization.

RealityGrid Computational Steering Library and Toolkit

New! Version 3.0.1 of the RealityGrid Steering Library and Toolkit is available to download under a liberal open source licence.

Please see our page on Google Code for the latest downloads

Previous versions are available from the local downloads page for now but may be removed in the (near) future.

Access to the source code repositories for RealityGrid is detailed here.

Please subscribe to the comp-steering list before downloading the software. We do not enforce this, but it helps us keep track of who is using our software, and helps you keep up to date with bug-fixes and new releases. This mailing list is also the first point of contact for obtaining support and general advice about installing and using the software. It is very, very low volume!

If you think you've found a problem with the steering software then please first check the documentation to ensure that the behaviour you're seeing is in fact a bug. (You might also find it useful to post your problem to the mailing list.) If you are convinced then please submit a report to our issue tracker.

Documentation and Software Downloads

Online documentation:

Please see the downloads page at Google Code for all RealityGrid related software and documentation downloads.

RealityGrid VTK Modules

A VTK module to read live data from a RealityGrid Steered application so it can be visualized in real time is available from the downloads page.

RealityGrid AVS/Express Modules

There are a number of AVS/Express modules under development as part of the RealityGrid project. These modules are available under an open source licence from the downloads page.


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