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OGSI::Lite / WSRF::Lite


WSRF::Lite follows on from OGSI::Lite (see below). It implements, in Perl, the Web Service Resource Framework (WSRF) which was inspired by and supersedes the Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI). The OGSI specification is a proposed recommendation of the OGSI Working Group of the http://www.ggf.org/Global Grid Forum. Standardisation of WSRF is ongoing in the WSRF technical committee of OASIS. The University of Manchester contributed to the standardisation of WSRF as an OASIS member.


Development of WSRF::Lite is being supported by the Managed Programme of the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute (OMII) through the project Robust Application Hosting under WSRF::Lite (RAHWL).

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WSRF::Lite provides support for the following Web Service Specifications:

WSRF::Lite from version 0.4 provides beta level support for signing and verifying SOAP messages using X509 digital certificates according to the OASIS standard for WS-Security. It has been tested with .NET and the Sun Web Service Developers Pack.

The latest version of WSRF::Lite is version, available at WSRF-Lite. You can still download WSRF-Lite., WSRF-Lite.0.8.tar, WSRF-Lite.0.6.tar, WSRF-Lite.0.5.tar.gz, WSRF-Lite.0.4.1.tar, WSRF-Lite.0.4.tar, WSRF-Lite.0.3.tar, WSRF-Lite.0.2.tar and WSRF-Lite.0.1.tar.


2008-07-10 - WSRF::Lite is now on Google Code.

2008-07-08 - The WSRF::Lite mailing list has moved. To subscribe to the mailing list or to browse its archives, visit http://listserv.manchester.ac.uk/archives/wsrf-lite.html.

2006-04-24 - Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) Ratified as OASIS Standard

2006-02-15 - WS-Security 1.1 is approved as an OASIS standard

2005-01-14 - A new mail list has been set for WSRF::Lite, this will replace the OGSI::Lite mailing list. If you have any questions on WSRF::Lite you should send them there.

There is now a bugzilla for WSRF::Lite at: http://kato.mvc.mcc.ac.uk/bugzilla


The current version of WSRF::Lite provides support for AJAX by adding support for XSLT, http://www.w3schools.com/css/CSS and JavaScript. WSRF::Lite will also follow more closely the REST style by supporting the HTTP methods GET, PUT and DELETE for WS-Resources. Arjun Sen for his master's project has been able to use this functionality in the beta release of WSRF::Lite to replace existing SOAP based clients with a web browser, see WSRF Compliance and AJAX.

To learn more about using AJAX with WSRF::Lite see Arjun Sen's Master's Thesis, in which he replicates the functionality of RealityGrid steering client using AJAX and a Web Browser, or look at the 'Using Ajax with WSRF::Lite' tutorial.

Projects using OGSI::Lite or WSRF::Lite


OGSI::Lite was an experiment in creating a Grid Services Container using Perl. It has now been superseded by WSRF::Lite. You can still access the code as well as some presentations on OGSI::Lite below.