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ESNW Access Grid Node - Room 1.10, Kilburn Building

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This node was completed in November 2004 and is a state-of-the-art combined passive stereo visualization suite as well as an Access Grid facility. It was funded by e-Science North West and is the first in the rollout programme of University nodes to encourage e-Science. It is suitable for normal meetings and collaborations.

Node details

Facilities within the ESNW AG node include:

Capacity: 25 people

The ESNW AG node is located in:

Room Telephone: 0161 275 0693

Telco telephone: 0161 275 0141

How to book this AG node?

To book this room, please use:

For further information regarding the booking service:

For general booking and AG session queries:

How to operate the AG in the ESNW AG node?

Powering up the equipment for an AG session

Before the start of an Access Grid session, you will need to power up the projectors, the speakers, the cameras and the IOCOM cube.


You will need to make sure that the IOCOM cube is powered up. The IOCOM cube is located in room 1.15, behind the front wall. To access room 1.15, leave the AG room (1.10) via the side door and turn left after the first set of desks, turn left again immediately and enter the little office in front of you. Once in this office, room 1.15 can be accessed through a door on your left.


The projectors are shared with a passive stereovisualisation system. The stereo system uses six projectors of which three are also used by the Access Grid. Those are the projectors in the upper row and have numbers 2, 4 and 6 (numbers are displayed at the back of the projectors). You will need to power up only these projectors using the AMX touch panel. To do so, tap on SYSTEM and MONO POWER.


You will need to make sure that the microphones to be used in the AG session are connected to any of the 7 XLR ports in the floor boxes.

Cameras and Document Viewer

Four cameras have been installed for use with the AG. The three front cameras are linked directly to the inSORS box. The fourth camera, situated above the operator's console, can be switched with the document viewer. A video switcher on the operator´┐Żs desk will allow you to switch between these two sources by pressing the left button (the right button will not work). Channel 1 is the camera and channel 2 is the document viewer. Channels 3 and 4 are not connected. If you use the remote control, select channels 1 or 2 in the "TV-1 SELECT" row.

To use the Document Viewer, connect the red pin from the cable connected to it to the port labelled DOCUMENT READER in the front left corner floor box and turn the Document Viewer on.

General Settings

To configure all display, video and audio settings to work with the Access Grid, do:

Conducting AG sessions

While conducting AG sessions, you can change the following settings:

Shutting down

When the AG session is finished, please make sure that you turn the document viewer and the projectors off. To power down the projectors, tap SYSTEM and POWER OFF in the AMX touch panel.