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Research Computing


IT Services for Research can help with data visualization and data extraction, all (optionally) integrated with our computational facilities. Visualization can support all disciplines from medical to scientific, from social sciences to arts and from architecture to performing arts.

We offer an extensive range of visualization resources, including:

Available facilities include:

There are facilities available for use via funded research projects. See community wiki list at http://wiki.rcs.manchester.ac.uk/community/ResearchMachines


Example use cases

Earth Sciences in Rm1:10 Part 1

Earth Scientists and Paleontologists using the multi-projector stereoscopic Access Grid room to carry out a stereoscopic virtual field trip.


Both distributed data and distributed visualization allowing for remote viewing of very large data sets.

MAVIS operated from the VIPL

Backbone Visualization of a Photoreceptor Protein in MAVIS.

Hyperstreamball visualization from Dr Jia Liu

Hyperstreamball Visualization of a Second Order Tensor Field within a Railway Line.

How do I apply?

For information please contact us at: rcs@manchester.ac.uk